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Peugeot 405 1989 Peugeot 405 S
One Owner, Non Smoker, Texas Car!
95,316 miles!
All Options! All Power! Including Power Windows, Locks, Mirrors, and much more!
1.9 Liter 4-Cylinder Engine!
Automatic Transmission!
This is the one you have been waiting for!
Don't forget all of our cars are new local luxury car trade-ins! Mapa polski! That means that our cars are better than the run of the mill cars that you usually find available! All these cars were traded in on new cars that cost in excess of $20,000 - $70,000 dollars. What that means is that you get cars that were maintained to a higher standard as their owners were well off enough to oversee their maintenance. What that means to you: A better investment that will cost you less money in the long run!
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Here's an opportunity to purchase a good running example of a hard to find Peugeot 405 S sedan. This car is a US model, and was sold right here new in Texas. As you probably know Peugeots stopped being imported to the US in 1991 but are still sold all over the world today! According to the car's history report, this is a one owner car that has spent its entire life right here in Texas. As you know it seldomly snows here in Texas and as a result this car has no rust and doesn't show any indication of developing rust. The car's odometer shows some very low mileage at 95,316 miles, but we did note that the car's speedometer and odometer do not function so the odometer no longer turns. According to the car's history report, the car was driven relatively sparingly its whole life with its last reported mileage being 76,141 miles in 1999. We have no way of knowing what the car's actual mileage is, but you can figure the speedometer failed somewhere between 1999 and today at 95,316 miles. Judging by how well the car runs and drives we don't think it has gone too far past the 95,316 miles that the odometer currently shows. The car still drives wonderfully, and still looks very presentable! The car comes in a beautiful color combination, Gray on the outside with Maroon cloth on the inside, very attractive indeed! Although the car appears to have relatively low miles, it appears to have spent its entire life sitting right in the middle of the hot Texas sun. That has left the paint in poor condition, and has caused significant heat related wear to the interior. The car's body is still in very good shape, but the paint is nearly gone. If you don't care about a car's looks, and just want something that runs and drives good, then this is the car for you.

This car was rated as the European car of the year in 1988 so you know that Peugeot had to have been doing something right! For a 1989 model, this car really offered great handling and luxury features to make the car comfortable. It has all the options, center armrest, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, a/c, and much more! The interior is still in good shape given the circumstances. The seats still look good and are presentable, but as we said earlier the entire car shows plenty of heat/sun related wear so don't expect to win any car shows with this beauty. The car does feature a/c and heat that do work, but unfortunately we were unable to get the a/c blower to work to push the air to the passenger compartment. You can feel a little of the cold/warm air when you drive the car at higher speeds. The force of the air will get the air into the passenger compartment. All the power windows, power locks, and power mirrors work great! The car also has cruise control, but we were unable to get it to work. The Peugeot factory stereo is installed and turns on, but we noted that the anti theft feature was enabled which requires a radio code to re-activate the radio. As we don't have the car's manuals we were unable to retrieve the code. At this point you may want to consider simply replacing it with an after market CD unit. The power antenna is missing. The factory alloy wheels still look good. Matched to them is a good set of tires! The car does feature automatic seat belts, unfortunately the automatic part of them doesn't work properly so you must lock and unlock the belt manually to use it. Other than that the belts appear to still be effective.

So how does it drive? As you have probably noticed, I haven't had much good to say about this car, but that ends here. This car is perfectly suited to provide someone good transportation. Behind the wheel on the road the car still feels great! Under the hood the car appears to have been well kept. The suspension is still reasonably tight, the car hugs the turns and absorbs the bumps just great! It handles the speed well. This car will cruise at 70 miles per hour on the freeway with no problem! The brakes stop the car evenly and effectively. The engine still has good pickup and acceleration! The automatic transmission shifts smoothly, just as it should! All the lights still work great.

With all that said, we're prepared to sell this car! This is a great chance for you to purchase some good transportation for a very small sum of money. Our reserve isn't outrageous, and we do anticipate it being met well before the end of the auction. We will be selling the car to the highest bidder! Don't miss your opportunity to own this beautiful car! Bid early and follow the auction to the end, don't let another bidder with a couple of quick clicks of the mouse in the final minutes of the auction take your dream car away from you! Don't let this wonderful opportunity pass you by!